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Hi, Paul! I was one of the people who attended your InterIntellect salon earlier this summer. I subscribed to your newsletter after the session and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

I wanted to pose a couple of questions related to the "Question People & Answer People" piece. Do you think that there are subtypes of each? For example, I'm definitely a question person, but I don't think I'd say I "don't mind the uncertainty of not knowing things" -- quite the opposite in fact. I *don't* enjoy the uncertainty, and this is why I'm eager to learn as much as I can, especially about fields and topics I'm interested in.

Secondly, for answer people (of which there seem to be many, possibly too many), it seems like some may stick to their consistent answers over time, but it also seems like there are some who just want to have an answer, any answer, which can change depending on their mood or other external factors. I find these people hugely frustrating -- their answers tend not to be based on anything deeper, just the compelling need to choose what they think is the right answer in the moment (and they're often unaware that this has changed from previous answers). Thoughts?

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I'd say comfort with uncertainty of ideas might be more of what I was getting at.

Sort of "whats the best healthcare syste" - its clear theres no "right" answer right now - its a complex mess.

I'm probably more comfortable with uncertainty than most though. Most big decisions, I have made on intuition pretty easily.

There's plenty of answer people drifting along. I appreciate some of these people! Especially the ones that dont need you to have the same answers!!

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