Oct 31, 2023Liked by Alex Michael

Probably my favorite post of the year! Wishing you the most successful turnaround of Wallaroo!

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Love this!

"Now that I’m confronted with a crisis, it’s a perfect time to ask: does my belief system hold up?"

This is big...how do we hold up when under pressure? Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your story!

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Thank you for showing us behind the scenes of your business and an opportunity to help you out. I just ordered my wrist wallet, I am excited!! Hope every bit helps.

I think being vulnerable is one of the hardest things anyone can do, you should be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there. 👏🏼

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Fascinating story. I can relate because I've been on my own for decades. I had a job once, when I was in my twenties and got fired. Then I started my own business. Which ended up putting me through school, etc... Then another business... one after the other. They all worked out. Some better than others. I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

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