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Great thoughts about subscribing & sharing! I really like the idea of #CuriosityTriggers vs #EmpathyTriggers. 2 years ago I summarized into 7's some thoughts on taking advantage of the quarantine being imposed on us

* Spirituality & Stress-management

* Strengthening muscles (fighting off sarcopenia)

* Speeding mental growth (fighting off dementia)

* Sensing & tasting – the with whom, what, where, why & when of cooking & eating

* Synchronizing to sunlight’s clock

* Synergizing mind-body-heart with passions

* Sympathetic engagement, Sharing & Subscribing

Mani Malagón. (2020 April 1). Coronavirus quarantine – how a lifetime in submarines eases my use of isolation for self-improvement. MetabolicMultiplier.org https://tinyurl.com/y2hr2j2p

p.s. Welcome, albeit a bit tardy, to Texas. We're in Corpus Christi if you ever come down this way.

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