I always find your newsletter inspiring.

The longer I follow my own path, the more I see commonalities in others' journeys.

The 'wandering' phase, where you've just left your previous life, are anxious about the next, and have little to no idea what you're doing is something most of the pathless have to go through.

My wandering phase lasted nearly 3 years. It was a frustrating time, but having gone through it, I'm a better creator and person.

Enjoy Taiwan Paul!

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There are lots of things I appreciate about your work, but your call to “find the others” (both the idea and the phrasing) have really stayed with me. Finding the others has immeasurably improved my experience of navigating multiple life transitions.

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Have a great time in Taiwan Paul! Will be a great experience for you guys to be back

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Enjoy the trip! This Substack has a whole added layer now having finished your book. It’s like a continuation of the book where I can still follow the ‘main character’.

The only (crucial) difference is that I don’t live vicariously through the main character but actively work on my own pathless path as well.

I’m excited and honored to be part of the community and the wanderers who are finding each other out here.

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Paul! I so wanted to attend the Brooklyn meet up a few weeks ago. Right before I was about to head out the door (literally 15 minutes before), my boss put a meeting invite on my calendar and I got laid off from my job. Needless to say, although our paths didn’t cross, our pathless paths have...

Safe travels to Taiwan!

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